International Conference on the
Science and Application of Nanotubes

Boston College (USA)

July 6-11, 2002

Contributed Presentations

Contributed presentations are ordered by subject into Poster Sessions. The conference provides poster boards of foam, with the dimensions 30" x 40" (76 cm x 102 cm). The poster boards can be oriented either horizontally or vertically.

EACH poster presentation will be introduced by a brief (2 viewgraph/2 minute) ORAL presentation in the preceding Poster+ session. The main purpose of this oral presentation is to show why the problem is important and interesting. (Remember: only viewgraphs for Poster+!)

Saturday, July 6, 2002

Poster Session 1: Synthesis

Sa-PS1-Sy1 (P48).
"Chemical probe method for structure analysis of SWNTs with thermogravimetric measurements"
by  M. Yudasaka, M. Zhang, A. Koshio, S. Iijima

Sa-PS1-Sy2 (P89).
"Purification of thin-long carbon nanotubes"
by  Yao Wang, Jun Wu, Fei Wei

Sa-PS1-Sy3 (P90).
"The synthesis of B-doped Carbon nanotubes with bamboo and beanpod shapes"
by  Jinquan Wei, Bin Jiang, Cailu Xu, Dehai Wu

Sa-PS1-Sy4 (P91).
"Nanochannel array in anodic porous alumina as template for the synthesis of carbon nanotubes"
by  R. Angelucci, R. Rizzoli, F. Corticelli, C. Summonte, G. M. Dallavalle, L. Malferrari, A. Montanari, C. Montanari, F. Odorici

Sa-PS1-Sy5 (P123).
"High Purity and Low-Temperature Generation of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes by a Catalytic CVD Method"
by  Shigeo Maruyama, Yuhei Miyauchi and Shohei Chiashi

Sa-PS1-Sy6 (P124).
"Growth and Electrical Characteristics of Individual PECVD Carbon Nanofibers"
by  K.B.K. Teo, G.A.J. Amaratunga, V.T. Binh, M. Chhowalla, O. Groening, D.G. Hasko, S.B. Lee, P. Legagneux, W.I. Milne, D. Pribat and V. Semet

Sa-PS1-Sy7 (P143).
"Processing, Cleaning and Analysis of Individual Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes in Surfactant Suspensions"
by  Valerie C. Moore, Michael J. O'Connell, Erik H. Haroz, Sergei M. Bachilo, Kristy L. Rialon, Chad B. Huffman, Michael Strano, Carter Kittrell, Robert Hauge, R. Bruce Weisman, and Richard E. Smalley

Sa-PS1-Sy8 (P172).
"The first stage of growth of a Carbon single wall nanotube: Effect of the catalyst."
by  J. P. Gaspard, H. Amara, C. Bichara, T. Cours, F. Ducastelle

Sa-PS1-Sy9 (P173).
"Carbon Nanotube as a Building Block of Skeletons in Laboratory Electric Discharges (Review of Observations and Hypotheses)"
by  A.B. Kukushkin, V.A. Rantsev-Kartinov

Sa-PS1-Sy10 (P185).
"Carbon Nanotubes Grown on Carbon Fibers"
by  W.Z. Li, D.Z. Wang, S.X. Yang, J.G. Wen, Z.F. Ren

Sa-PS1-Sy11 (P174).
"Evidences for Wild Assembling of Skeletal Structures by Carbon Nanotubes in Various Types of Dust Deposit in Tokamak T-10"
by  B.N. Kolbasov, A.B. Kukushkin, V.A. Rantsev-Kartinov, P.V. Romanov

Sa-PS1-Sy12 (P186).
"Characteristic Interactions of Carbon Nanotubes for Gases"
by  Kenji Ichimura, Chang-Wan Jin, Kenichi Imaeda, and Hiroo Inokuchi

Sa-PS1-Sy13 (P201).
"Grafting of multi-walled nanotubes by in situ polymerisation"
by  K Koziol, M Shaffer

Sa-PS1-Sy14 (P187).
"Highly Localized CVD Growth of Carbon Nanotubes on Patterned Silicon Wafers"
by  J.S. Bunch, D. Homoelle, Y. Yaish, A.L. Gaeta, P.L. McEuen

Sa-PS1-Sy15 (P153).
"Diameter-dependent oxidative degradation of Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes"
by  E. Menna, G. Scorrano, M. Maggini, M. Dalla Fontana, F. Della Negra, R. Bozio, F. Fantinel and M. Meneghetti

Sa-PS1-Sy16 (P154).
"BC2N Onions: Synthesis and stability under the electron beam"
by  N. Grobert, F. Banhart, Ph. Kohler-Redlich, M. Terrones, M Rühle

Sa-PS1-Sy17 (P160).
"Activation of Hydroxyl Groups on Carbon Nanotubes by Thermal Treatment in Air"
by  M. Sano, A. Kamino, and S. Shinkai

Sa-PS1-Sy18 (P170).
"Synthesis and Characterization of Double-walled Carbon Nanotubes"
by  W.Z. Li, J.G. Wen, Z.F. Ren

Sa-PS1-Sy19 (P157).
"A novel CVD method for large synthesis of carbon nanotubes"
by  B. Simard, S. Denommee, D. Ruth and M. Barnett

Sa-PS1-Sy20 (P158).
"Facilitating single-wall nanotube formation by plasma excitation"
by  B. Simard, C.T. Kingston, S. Denommee, and D. Ruth

Sa-PS1-Sy21 (P155).
"Nanocages of layered BN: super-high pressure nanocells for formation of solid nitrogen"
by  D. Golberg, Y. Bando, T. Sato, N. Grobert, M. Reyes-Reyes, H. Terrones, M. Terrones

Sa-PS1-Sy22 (P144).
"A single source strategy to aligned isolated Carbon nanotubes"
by  Jörg Engstler, Jörg J. Schneider, Bernd Günter, Frank Kaldasch, Günther Müller, Christoph Mitterbauer and Ferdinand Hofer

Sa-PS1-Sy23 (P140).
"Defect Density of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Synthesized by Various Techniques"
by  Nick E. Tran, Steven E. Kooi, M. Ashraf Imam

Sa-PS1-Sy24 (P137).
"Comparison of purification procedures for SWNT from HiPco and laser processes"
by  Olga Gorelik, Pasha Nikolaev, William Holmes, Rodrigo Devivar, Victor Hadjiev, Sivaram Arepalli and Leonard Yowell

Poster Session 2: Synthesis

Sa-PS2-Sy25 (P120).
"Carbon nanotube synthesis using a novel catalyst of PdSe"
by  K. Kamada, T. Ikuno, T. Yamamoto, S. Takahashi, M. Kamizono, S. Ohkura, S. Honda, M. Katayama, T. Hirao and K. Oura

Sa-PS2-Sy26 (P118).
"Iron encapsulated Nano Carbon Tubes and their novel synthetic method"
by  Hitoshi Nishino, Ryoichi Nishida, Haruyuki Nakaoka, and Takeo Matsui

Sa-PS2-Sy27 (P109).
"Gas phase synthesis of SWNT by a continuous and scalable plasma based process"
by  O. Smiljanic, F. Larouche, B. L. Stansfield, J.P. Dodelet, X. Sun

Sa-PS2-Sy28 (P108).
"Carbon Nanotubes Produced by Milling and Annealing of Graphite"
by  Y. Chen, L.T. Chadderton, J.S. Williams and J. Fitzgerald

Sa-PS2-Sy29 (P103).
"On producing carbon nanotubes by a self-regulated electric contact arc disharge in hydrocarbon liquids"
by  Vladislav A. Ryzhkov

Sa-PS2-Sy30 (P100).
"On the stability of SiOx based Nanotubes"
by  G. Seifert, Th. Koehler, Th. Frauenheim

Sa-PS2-Sy31 (P98).
"Various morphology multiwall Carbon nanotubes produced by CO disproportionation"
by  E. Mogilko, Yu. Kaganovskii, O. Prilutskii, Y. Schlesinger

Sa-PS2-Sy32 (P99).
"Organic reactivity of multi-walled Carbon nanotubes"
by  Jinhua Chen, Zhibin He, Denyou Liu, Yafei Kuang, Haihui Zhou and Shenglian Luo

Sa-PS2-Sy33 (P95).
"CVD single- and double-walled carbon nanotubes : influence of process parameters on the formation mechanisms"
by  A. Peigney, R. R. Bacsa, S. Rul, W. S. Bacsa, S. Célérier, Ch. Laurent

Sa-PS2-Sy34 (P96).
"Novel Mass Production Technology for Nanostructured Carbon Fibers Using Gas Phase Carbon Dioxide Fixation Reaction"
by  Takeshi KASHIWAGI, Shushichi YOSHIMURA, Masaaki OHTA, Yoshifumi KISE, and Junichi MUNEZAWA

Sa-PS2-Sy35 (P92).
"Low temperature solid phase synthesis of carbon-based nanowires"
by  S. Hofmann, C. Ducati, J. Robertson

Sa-PS2-Sy36 (P87).
"Low temperature synthesis of bamboo-shaped carbon nanotubes from ethylene decomposition"
by  Weizhong Qian, Tang Liu, Fei Wei, Zhanwen Wang, Guohua Luo, Yong Jin

Sa-PS2-Sy37 (P86).
"The crystallography of Catalytically grown nanotubes"
by  V. D. Blank, B. A. Kulnitskiy, D. V. Batov, U. Bangert, A. Gutierrez-Sosa, A. J. Harvey

Sa-PS2-Sy38 (P80).
"Improved Hydrogen Adsorption Capacity of Doped-Carbon Nanotube Bundles"
by  Patrice Guay, Alain Rochefort

Sa-PS2-Sy39 (P206).
"In-situ Chemical Study of Aqueous Fluid Inside Carbon Nanotubes"
by  Nevin Naguib, Haihui Ye, Yury Gogotsi, Almila Guvenc Yazicioglu, and Constantine Megaridis

Sa-PS2-Sy40 (P78).
"Alignment of carbon nanotubes in macroscopic fibers : X-ray scattering analysis"
by  P. Launois, M. Lucas, S. Badaire, B. Vigolo, D. Le Bolloc'h, C. Zakri and P. Poulin

Sa-PS2-Sy41 (P74).
"Cesium intercalation inside the single-walled carbon nanotubes by plasma-ion irradiation"
by  Goo-Hwan Jeong, Amir. A. Farajian, Takamichi Hirata, Rikizo Hatakeyama, Kazuyuki Tohji, Kenichi Motomiya and Yoshiyuki Kawazoe

Sa-PS2-Sy42 (P72).
"Hydrogen exchange on CVD carbon nanotube/Ni foam electrodes"
by  C. Ducati, S. Hofmann, J. Robertson, J. Geng, B.F.G. Johnson, M. Bestetti, U. Ducati

Sa-PS2-Sy43 (P70).
"Energetics of large carbon clusters: Crossover from fullerenes to nanotubes"
by  Kyuho Lee, Noejung Park, Seungwu Han, Jeajun Yu, and Jisoon Ihm

Sa-PS2-Sy44 (P65).
"Multi-wall carbon nanohorn epitaxially grown by high vacuum laser ablation"
by  Takashi Ikuno, Takuji Oyama, Shunji Takahashi, Shin-ichi Honda, Mitsuhiro Katayama, Takashi Hirao, and Kenjiro Oura

Sa-PS2-Sy45 (P60).
"Higher coverage gas adsorption on surface of carbon nanotubes"
by  S.Talapatra, V.Krungleviciute and A.D.Migone

Sa-PS2-Sy46 (P53).
"Diameter control of single-walled Carbon nanotubes by selective oxidation"
by  E. Borowiak-Palen, X. Liu, T. Pichler, M. Knupfer, J. Fink, O. Jost

Sa-PS2-Sy47 (P88).
"Defective carbon nanotubes in zeolite single crystals?"
by  P. Launois, M. Lucas, E. Aubert, F. Porcher, D. Le Bolloc'h, R. Moret, J.C. Charlier, I.L. LI, G. Li, Z.K. Tang

Sa-PS2-Sy48 (P41).
"Double-walled carbon nanotubes synthesized by catalytic decomposition of methane"
by  Wencai Ren, Feng Li, Jian Chen, Shuo Bai, Huiming Cheng

Sunday, July 7, 2002

Poster Session 3: Synthesis

Su-PS3-Sy49 (P8).
"Massively parallel simulations of nanotube and peapod formation"
by  Syogo Tejima, Mikio Iizuka, Kazuo Minami, Hisashi Nakamura, Mina Yoon, Savas Berber, David Tomanek, Noejung Park, Hiroshi Okuda

Su-PS3-Sy50 (P35).
"Physisorption: an efficient probe for nanotube studies"
by  N. Dupont-Pavlovsky, K. Masenelli-Varlot, E. McRae

Su-PS3-Sy51 (P34).
"Evidence of SWNT opening by means of krypton physisorption"
by  M.R. Babaa, I. Stepanek, K. Masenelli-Varlot, N. Dupont-Pavlovsky, E. McRae, P. Bernier

Su-PS3-Sy52 (P31).
"C-doped BN nanotubes: synthesis, TEM analysis and electrical property measurements"
by  D. Golberg, Y. Bando, P. Dorozhkin, Z.-C. Dong

Su-PS3-Sy53 (P27).
"Synthesis and Characterization of Nanotube-Nanocrystal Heteroadducts"
by  Sarbajit Banerjee and Stanislaus S. Wong

Su-PS3-Sy54 (P26).
"Characterisations of aligned carbon nanotubes obtained by pyrolysis of mixed aerosols"
by  M. Mayne, C. Demongeot, C. Reynaud, J. N. Rouzaud, C. Clinard

Su-PS3-Sy55 (P24).
"Low-Temperature Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes and its Field Emission"
by  Chien-Liang Hwang, J. S. Chiang, Pin-Chuan Yao

Su-PS3-Sy56 (P22).
"High yield non destructive purification of single wall carbon nanotubes: Combining HNO3 and H2O2 treatments"
by  Valentin E., Esnouf S., Capes L., Ribayrol A., Jost O., Filoramo A

Su-PS3-Sy57 (P19).
"The nanotube as a reactor: Fullerene fusion in peapods"
by  Noejung Park, Mina Yoon, Jisoon Ihm, Eiji Osawa, and David Tomanek

Su-PS3-Sy58 (P14).
"Control of diameter and diameter-related reactivity of SWNT produced by catalytic decomposition."
by  Daniel Resasco, Jose Herrera, Walter Alvarez, Leandro Balzano, and Francisco Pompeo

Su-PS3-Sy59 (P13).
"Removing Metal Impurities from SWNTs"
by  S. Malik, S. Lebedkin, F. Hennrich, H. Rösner, M. M. Kappes

Su-PS3-Sy60 (P10).
"Aerosol production of carbon materials"
by  Anna Moisala, Dr. Albert Nasibulin, Dr. David P. Brown, Prof. Esko I. Kauppinen

Su-PS3-Sy61 (P6).
"Fusion Mechanism of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Using Stone-Wales Rearrangements"
by  Gunn Kim, Mina Yoon, Sangbong Lee, Jisoon Ihm, Eiji Osawa and David Tomanek

Su-PS3-Sy62 (P5).
"A high-yield synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotube"
by  H.Kajiura, H.Huang, S.Tsutsui, Y.Hirano, and M.Miyakoshi

Su-PS3-Sy63 (P4).
"Narrow diameter double and triple walled Carbon Nanotubes: synthesis and chiral mapping"
by  R.R. Bacsa, Ch. Laurent, A. Peigney, P. Puech, W.S. Bacsa

Su-PS3-Sy64 (P3).
"The catalytic growth of patterned Carbon nanotube films"
by  Christian Klinke, Jean-Marc Bonard, Klaus Kern

Su-PS3-Sy65 (P39).
"Hydrogen Effect in CVD Growth of Single Wall Carbon Nanotube"
by  Chenguang Lu, Bo Zheng, Qiang Fu, Jie Liu

Su-PS3-Sy66 (P44).
"Fullerene coalescence in fullerene-aided nanotube growth"
by  Yong-Hyun Kim, In-Ho Lee, and K.J. Chang

Su-PS3-Sy67 (P54).
"Structure and Growth of CNx Nanotubes: Catalyst Dependence of the N Incorporation Process"
by  S. Trasobares, O. Stéphan, C. Colliex, W.K. Hsu, D.R.M. Walton, H.W. Kroto

Su-PS3-Sy68 (P57).
"Self-assembling Growth of Carbon Nanotubes on Patterned Silicon Substrate"
by  Y. Homma, T. Yamashita, Y. Kobayashi and T. Ogino

Su-PS3-Sy69 (P59).
"Investigation on the growth mechanism of aligned carbon nanotubes synthesized by hot-filament CVD"
by  X. H. Chen, J. Xu, D. P. Yu

Su-PS3-Sy70 (P69).
"Adsorption and diffusion of Carbon atoms on nickel related to the Carbon nanotube growth"
by  Young-Han Shin and Suklyun Hong

Su-PS3-Sy71 (P73).
"Selective growth of vertically aligned Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) in via holes for advanced ULSI interconnection"
by  Mizuhisa Nihei, Akio Kawabata and Yuji Awano

Su-PS3-Sy72 (P77).
"Synthesis and structure of bamboo-shaped Carbon-nitrogen nanotubes using catalytic vapor phase growth method"
by  S. C. Lyu, T. J. Lee, H. W. Kim, and C. J. Lee

Poster Session 4: Synthesis

Su-PS4-Sy73 (P111).
"Growth mechanisms in chemical vapour deposited carbon nanotubes"
by  Vincenzo Vinciguerra, Francesco Buonocore, Luigi Occhipinti, Giuseppe Panzera

Su-PS4-Sy74 (P114).
"Growth mechanism study of carbon nanowalls and the associated nanostructures of other materials"
by  Yihong Wu, Bingjun Yang, Baoyu Zong, Guchnag Han, Towchong Chong, and Zexiang Shen

Su-PS4-Sy75 (P115).
"Growth of branch CNTs on CNTs as support"
by  Hao. Yu, Fei. Wei, Guohua. Luo

Su-PS4-Sy76 (P132).
"Growth of Aligned Carbon Nanotubes with Controlled Site Density and Its Applications"
by  Y. Tu, Z.P. Huang, D.Z. Wang, J.G. Wen, Z.F. Ren

Su-PS4-Sy77 (P175).
"Growth of Carbon Nanotubes in Periodical Arrays"
by  Z. P. Huang, M. Giersig, D. Z. Wang, B. Campbell, M. Sennett, D. Carnahan, K. Kempa, J. G. Wen, Z. F. Ren

Su-PS4-Sy78 (P184).
"Pressure and Temperature Effects on the Growth and Structure of Carbon Nanotubes"
by  W.Z. Li, J.G. Wen, Z.F. Ren

Su-PS4-Sy79 (P208).
"Self assembly of catalyst for periodic arrays of aligned carbon nanotubes"
by  Jakub Rybczynski, Michael Hilgendorff, Michael Giersig

Su-PS4-Sy80 (P61).
"Site and Size selective electrochemical derivatization of carbon nanotubes and nanofibers"
by  J.-C. Bradley, P. Ndungu, S. Babu

Su-PS4-Sy81 (P64).
"Catalyst design for high yield of Carbon nanotubes via chemical vapor deposition"
by  Weizhong Qian, Fei Wei, Zhanwen Wang, Tang Liu, Guohua Luo

Su-PS4-Sy82 (P71).
"Chemical Vapor Deposition of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes on Fe-coated Sapphire Substrates"
by  H. Hongo, M. Yudaska, T. Ichihashi, F. Nihey, and S. Iijima

Su-PS4-Sy83 (P101).
"Chemically modified Carbon nanotube networks for gas sensing"
by  U. Schlecht, I. Besnard, T. Vossmeyer, A. Yasuda, K. Balasubramanian, M. Burghard, K. Kern

Su-PS4-Sy84 (P102).
"Low Temperature Synthesis of Carbon Nanofibers by Inductively Coupled Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition"
by  S. Honda, T. Ikuno, H. Furuta, M. Katayama, T. Hirao, and K. Oura

Su-PS4-Sy85 (P107).
"Electrochemical Storage of Hydrogen in Carbon Nanotubes"
by  M. S. Yu, S. Y. Cheng, Y. C. Lin, and W.C. Ho

Su-PS4-Sy86 (P126).
"Control of thin film catalysts for a high yield synthesis of single-walled Carbon nanotubes in chemical vapor deposition"
by  Young Joon Yoon, Jun Cheol Bae, Hong Koo Baik

Su-PS4-Sy87 (P76).
"Formation and structural control of carbon nanotubes using magnetron-type RF discharge reactive plasmas"
by  Nobuhiko Satake, Takamichi Hirata, Goo-Hwan Jeong, Hiroyasu Ishida, Rikizo Hatakeyama, Kazuyuki Tohji and Kenichi Motomiya

Su-PS4-Sy88 (P46).
"Coalescence of Ultra Thin Carbon Nanotubes: Tight-Binding Molecular Dynamics"
by  Takazumi Kawai, Yoshiyuki Miyamoto, Osamu Sugino, Yoshinori Koga

Su-PS4-Sy89 (P197).
"Large-scale ab initio investigation of Lithium diffusion in Carbon nanotubes"
by  V. Meunier, Ch. Roland, and J. Bernholc

Su-PS4-Sy90 (P47).
"The densest multi-wall carbon nanotubes and the structural changes by heat treatment"
by  A. Koshio, M. Yudasaka, S. Iijima

Su-PS4-Sy91 (P52).
"Study on a laser continuous reactor of SWNT’s: simulation and in-situ measurements"
by  A. Foutel-Richard, J. L. Cochon, P. Bouchardy, D. Pigache, F. Dupoirieux, M. Lefebvre, M. Castignolles, A. Mavel,V. Krüger, K. P. Geigle, W. Stricker, G. Désarmot, A. Loiseau

Su-PS4-Sy92 (P180).
"Cap-to-cap coalescence of nanotubes: dynamic topology, energetics and molecular dynamics simulation"
by  Yufeng Zhao, Boris I. Yakobson and Richard E. Smalley

Su-PS4-Sy93 (P49).
"Properties of single-wall Carbon nanotubes and single-wall carbon nanohorns heat-treated at high temperatures"
by  M. Yudasaka, Y. Kasuya, D. Kasuya, T. Ichihashi, M. Zhang, S. Iijima

Monday, July 8, 2002

Poster Session 5: Characterization

Mo-PS5-Ch1 (P139).
"Individual Fullerene Nanotubes: Resolved van Hove Absorption Spectra, Band Gap Fluorescence"
by  Michael O’Connell, Sergei M. Bachilo, Chad Huffman, Erik Haroz, Kristy Rialon, Valerie Moore, Michael Strano, Carter Kittrell, Jainpeng Ma, Robert Hauge, R. Bruce Weisman, and Richard E. Smalley

Mo-PS5-Ch2 (P75).
"Optical properties of double wall carbon nanotubes converted from peapods"
by  H. Kataura, Y. Maniwa, T. Kodama, Y. Misaki, S. Suzuki and Y. Achiba

Mo-PS5-Ch3 (P38).
"Raman spectroscopy of pristine and doped single-wall carbon nanotubes"
by  J.-L. Sauvajol, E. Anglaret, N. Bendiab, P. Petit, P. Klement, C. Mathis

Mo-PS5-Ch4 (P148).
"Band-gap Photoluminescence from Single-wall Carbon Nanotubes Isolated in Aqueous Micelles"
by  Sergei M. Bachilo, R. Bruce Weisman, Michael O'Connell, Chad Huffman, Michael S. Strano, Robert H. Hauge, and Richard E. Smalley

Mo-PS5-Ch5 (P82).
"Ab initio study of Cs-doped carbon nanotubes"
by  A. A. Farajian, G. -H. Jeong, H. Mizuseki, T. Hirata, R. Hatakeyama, and Y. Kawazoe

Mo-PS5-Ch6 (P198).
"Simultaneous measurement of matrix and fiber stresses in composites by Raman spectroscopy"
by  Qing Zhao and H. Daniel Wagner

Mo-PS5-Ch7 (P141).
"Effects of Polymer Association on the van Hove Absorption Spectrum of Individual Fullerene Nanotubes"
by  Kristy L. Rialon, Michael J. O'Connell, Erik H. Haroz, Sergei M. Bachilo, Valerie C. Moore, Chad B. Huffman, Robert Hauge, R. Bruce Weisman, and Richard E. Smalley

Mo-PS5-Ch8 (P142).
"Effects of Small Molecule Association on the van Hove Absorption Spectrum and Band Gap Fluorescence of Individual Fullerene Nanotubes"
by  Erik H. Hároz, Michael J. O'Connell, Sergei M. Bachilo, Kristy L. Rialon, Valerie C. Moore, Chad B. Huffman, Michael Strano, Carter Kittrell, Robert Hauge, R. Bruce Weisman, and Richard E. Smalley

Mo-PS5-Ch9 (P63).
"Raman spectroscopy characterization of single-walled carbon nanotubes on patterned Si substrates"
by  Y. Kobayashi, T. Yamashita, Y. Homma, Y. Ueno, O. Niwa and T. Ogino

Mo-PS5-Ch10 (P85).
"Photoemission spectroscopy of single-wall carbon nanotubes"
by  H. Ishii, H. Kataura, S. Suzuki, Y. Achiba and T. Miyahara

Mo-PS5-Ch11 (P113).
"Coulomb oscillation and impedance spectroscopy of a carbon nanotube field-effect transistor(FET)"
by  H. Y. Yu, D. S. Lee, B, Kim, S. S. Kim, S. W. Lee, M. S. Kabir, S. H. Magnus. Persson and Y. W. Park

Mo-PS5-Ch12 (P125).
"Resonance Raman spectroscopy on carbon peapods"
by  P. M. Rafailov, H. Kataura and C. Thomsen

Mo-PS5-Ch13 (P164).
"X-ray absorption spectroscopy of carbon nanotubes"
by  Stefano Bellucci, Sabina Botti and ZiYu Wu

Mo-PS5-Ch14 (P189).
"Trigonal Warping in the Phonon Dispersion Relations of Graphite Measured by Raman Spectroscopy on Carbon Nanotubes"
by  Ge. G. Samsonidze, R. Saito, A. Jorio, A. G. Souza Filho, G. Dresselhaus, M. S. Dresselhaus, M. A. Pimenta

Mo-PS5-Ch15 (P190).
"Boron-doped MWNTs and characterization by Raman spectroscopy."
by  S.M.C. Vieira, S. Webster, R. Czerw, P.R. Birkett, C.A. Rego, J. Maultzsch, C. Thomsen and D. L. Carrol

Mo-PS5-Ch16 (P51).
"Raman investigation of collective electronic effects in carbon nanotubes"
by  Chaoyang Jiang, Kris Kempa, Jialong Zhao, Ulrich Schlecht, Yuwei Fan, Thomas Basch, Ute Kolb, Marko Burghard, Alf Mews

Mo-PS5-Ch17 (P105).
"Boron and Nitrogen Rich BCN Fullerenes: A. Theoretical Study"
by  Tapas Kar, Jayasree Pattanayak and Steve Scheiner

Mo-PS5-Ch18 (P162).
"Matching critical exponents in multiwalled nanotubes"
by  Stefano Bellucci

Tuesday, July 9, 2002

Poster Session 6: Characterization

Tu-PS6-Ch19 (P210).
"Raman and Infrared Active Modes of BN-nanotubes"
by  L. Wirtz, A. Rubio, R. Arenal de la Concha, A. Loiseau, F. Ducastelle, and S. Lefrant

Tu-PS6-Ch20 (P37).
"Molecular dynamics in alkali-doped single wall carbon nanotube bundles: A neutron scattering studies."
by  N. Bendiab, P. Petit, R. Almairac, R. Klement, C. Mathis, J.-L. Sauvajol

Tu-PS6-Ch21 (P146).
"Ab Initio Calculations for Native Defects in BN-nanotubes"
by  R.J. Baierle, T.M.Schmidt, P. Piquini and A. Fazzio

Tu-PS6-Ch22 (P133).
"Simulations of electron energy-loss spectra of an electron passing near a locally anisotropic nanotube"
by  D. Taverna, M.Kociak, L. Henrard, V. Charbois, O. Stephan and C. Colliex

Tu-PS6-Ch23 (P110).
"Mechanical stability of collapsed nanotubes on a surface"
by  Stefan Andreev, David Reichman

Tu-PS6-Ch24 (P167).
"Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Polymer Composites"
by  M. Cadek, B. Le Foulgoc, J. N. Coleman, V. Barron and W. J. Blau

Tu-PS6-Ch25 (P117).
"Amorphous Nano Carbon Tubes and their properties"
by  Ryoichi Nishida, Hitoshi Nishino, Yasunori Yokomichi, Takeo Matsui, and Noboru Kawase

Tu-PS6-Ch26 (P169).
"Dispersion and Alignment of Carbon Nanotubes in Polymers"
by  Z.F. Ren, W.Z. Li, J.G. Wen, M. Sennett, E. Welsh, J.B. Wright

Tu-PS6-Ch27 (P176).
"Effects of plasma functionalisation on the surface of Carbon Nano-Fibres and the mechanical properties of Fibres / Polypropylene composites"
by  G. Marginean, W. Brandl, W. Warschewski, H. Bubert, M. Heintze

Tu-PS6-Ch28 (P181).
"Cross links and fusion in nanotube arrays"
by  Yufeng Zhao, Ming Hua, Boris I. Yakobson

Tu-PS6-Ch29 (P179).
"Kinetic theory of symmetry dependent strength in nanotubes"
by  T. Dumitrica, Ge. G. Samsonidze, B. I. Yakobson

Tu-PS6-Ch30 (P97).
"Influence of bending on local structure of carbon nanotubes"
by  M. Huhtala, K. Mogami, A. Kuronen, and K. Kaski

Tu-PS6-Ch31 (P177).
"Mechanically induced defects, transition states, and strength of BN nanotubes"
by  Traian Dumitrica, Holger F. Bettinger, Boris I. Yakobson

Tu-PS6-Ch32 (P15).
"Collision dynamics of carbon nanotubes"
by  Kim Bolton and Arne Rosen

Tu-PS6-Ch33 (P182). "Mechanical properties of carbon nanotubes as random coils: From persistence length to the equation of state"
by Y.-W. Yip and B. I. Yakobson

Tu-PS6-Ch34 (P200).
"Nanofibre-reinforced fibres and injection mouldings: microstructure and mechanical properties"
by  M Shaffer, J Sandler, A Windle

Tu-PS6-Ch35 (P156).
"Electron diffraction study of the double-wall carbon nanotubes"
by  Kaori Hirahara, Shunji Bandow, Mathieu Kociak, Kohji Ito, Takanori Nakahira, Yahachi Saito, and Sumio Iijima

Poster Session 7: Electronic Properties

Tu-PS7-El1 (P119).
"Band structure and absorption spectra of carbon nanotubes from first principles"
by  S. Reich, C. Thomsen, D. Sanchez-Portal, and P. Ordejon

Tu-PS7-El2 (P17).
"Magnetotransport and persistent currents in carbon nanotube based materials"
by  Stephan Roche, Sylvain Latil, Angel Rubio, and Riichiro Saito

Tu-PS7-El3 (P129).
"Electronic structure and arrangement of the fluorinated carbon nanotubes"
by  L.G. Bulusheva, A.V. Okotrub, A.L. Chuvilin, E.M. Pazhetov, A.I. Boronin, Ch. Laurent

Tu-PS7-El4 (P79).
"Electron Confinement, Symmetry Breaking and Structural Deformation in Carbon Peapods"
by  Alain Rochefort

Tu-PS7-El5 (P81).
"Transport through mechanically deformed nanotubes"
by  A. A. Farajian, B. I. Yakobson, H. Mizuseki, and Y. Kawazoe

Tu-PS7-El6 (P116).
"A technique to search for Luttinger liquid behavior of carbon nanotubes at GHz frequencies"
by  P.J. Burke

Tu-PS7-El7 (P68).
"Bandgap Modulation of Carbon Nanotubes by Encapsulated Metallofullerenes"
by  Jhinhwan Lee, H. Kim, S.-J. Kahng, G. Kim, Y.-W. Son, J. Ihm, H. Kato, Z.W. Wang, T. Okazaki, H. Shinohara, and Young Kuk

Tu-PS7-El8 (P62).
"Transport in disordered multiwalled carbon nanotubes"
by  M. Ahlskog, R. Tarkiainen, M. Paalanen, and P. Hakonen

Tu-PS7-El9 (P58).
"Charge transfer control between two crossed multiwalled carbon nanotubes"
by  K.Tsukagoshi, N.Yoneya, Y.Aoyagi

Tu-PS7-El10 (P56).
"Spontaneous polarization and piezoelectric properties of Boron-Nitrogen nanotubes"
by  S. Nakhmanson, V. Meunier, J. Bernholc and Marco Buongiorno Nardelli

Tu-PS7-El11 (P43).
"Quantum conductance steps in solutions of multiwalled carbon nanotubes"
by  A.Urbina, I. Echeverría, A. Pérez-Garrido, J. Abellán and A. Díaz-Sánchez

Tu-PS7-El12 (P45).
"Occurrence of magnetism in heterostructured C/BN nanotubes"
by  Jin Choi, Yong-Hyun Kim, K.J. Chang, and David Tomanek

Tu-PS7-El13 (P29).
"Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes are High-Mobility Semiconductors"
by  T. Durkop, Y.-F. Chen, M. S. Fuhrer

Tu-PS7-El14 (P32).
"Weak localization and anti-localization sensitive to volume of cobalt catalyst in multi-walled carbon nanotube arrays"
by  Junji Haruyama, Izumi Takesue, and Tetsuro Hasegawa

Tu-PS7-El15 (P16).
"Quantum conductance in carbon nanotube based systems"
by  S. Latil, S. Roche, D. Mayou, and Jean-Christophe Charlier

Tu-PS7-El16 (P66).
"Electronic Structure of Carbon Nano-peapods"
by  Gunn Kim, Youngmi Cho, Hosik Lee, Young-Woo Son, Jaejun Yu, and Jisoon Ihm

Tu-PS7-El17 (P67).
"Electronic Structure of Carbon Nanotube Intramolecular Junctions"
by  H. Kim, J. Lee, Y.-W. Son, C. Lee, S. Lee, S.-J. Kahng, J. Ihm, Y. Kuk

Tu-PS7-El18 (P130).
"Defect influence on the electronic structure and properties of carbon nanotubes"
by  A.V. Okotrub, L.G. Bulusheva, A.V. Belavin, A.I. Romanenko, D. Tomanek

Tu-PS7-El19 (P21).
"Superconducting proximity effects senstitive to nanotube length and interface transparency of electrode/nanotubes"
by  Junji Haruyama, Kazuya Takazawa, Izumi Takesue, Shin-ichiro Miyadai, Nanami Hori, Aki Takeda

Tu-PS7-El20 (P30).
"Electronic Properties of Quantum Dots in Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes"
by  M. Buitelaar, B. Babic, M. Iqbal, T. Nussbaumer, and C. Schönenberger

Tu-PS7-El21 (P121).
"Electronic states of multi-walled carbon nanotubes in a magnetic field"
by  A. Kanda, S. Uryu, K. Tsukagoshi, Y. Ootuka, and Y. Aoyagi

Tu-PS7-El22 (P203).
"Transport properties of various fullerene peapods"
by  T. Okazaki, T. Shimada, Y. Ohno, T. Mizutani, K. Suenaga, H. Shinohara

Tu-PS7-El23 (P178).
"Curvature-induced polarization in carbon nanoshells"
by  Traian Dumitrica, Chad M. Landis, Boris I. Yakobson

Tu-PS7-El24 (P207).
"Probing the Superconducting Mechanism in Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes"
by  Yong-Jihn Kim

Tu-PS7-El25 (P211). "Electronic image states around metallic and dielectric nanotubes"
by Brian E. Granger1, H. R. Sadeghpour1, Petr Kral1,2 and Moshe Shapiro2

Tu-PS7-El26 (P212). "Plasmons in Carbon Nanotubes and their Interactions with Phonons "
by K. Kempa

Tu-PS7-El26 (P214). "Proton and Neutron Irradiation Effects on the Electrical Resistivity of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes"
by M. X. Pulikkathara, Jerry Vera, Misha Shofner, R. Wilkins, E. V. Barrera, Jon Read, and Thomas S. Reese

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Poster Session 8: Applications

We-PS8-Ap1 (P112).
"Gas sensor using a nanocomposite of SWNTs and Ppy"
by  Seung Yol Jeong, Kay Hyeok An, Ha Ryong Hwang, Dong Jae Bae, Ji Young Lee and Young Hee Lee

We-PS8-Ap2 (P106).
"Ferroelectric P(VDF/TrFE) copolymer nano-Composites based on Carbon Nanotube"
by  Khalil El-Hami and Kazumi Matsushige

We-PS8-Ap3 (P104).
"Top Gate Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistors"
by  S. J. Wind, J. Appenzeller, R. Martel, V. Derycke and Ph. Avouris

We-PS8-Ap4 (P93).
"Preparation and electrical properties of carbon nanotube/polyepoxy composites"
by  S. Barrau, Ph. Demont, A. Peigney, Ch. Laurent, C. Lacabanne

We-PS8-Ap5 (P94).
"Single- and double-walled carbon nanotubes in ceramic matrix composites"
by  S. Rul, F. Lefčvre-Schlick, E. Flahaut, Ch. Laurent, A. Peigney

We-PS8-Ap6 (P83).
"High performance of supercapacitors using functionalized carbon nanotube electrodes"
by  Kwan Koo Jeon, Ji Young Lee, Kay Hyeok An, Jeong Ku Heo, Seong Chu Lim, Dong Jae Bae, and Young Hee Lee

We-PS8-Ap7 (P55).
"On the electrical transport in carbon nanotube field-effect transistors"
by  J. Appenzeller, J. Knoch, V. Derycke, R. Martel, M. Radosavljevic, St. Heinze, S. Wind, and Ph. Avouris

We-PS8-Ap8 (P50).
"Schottky like electrical properties in Y-junction carbon nanotubes synthesized in porous alumina membranes"
by  Junji Haruyama

We-PS8-Ap9 (P42).
"Hydrogen Storage in Multi-wall Carbon Nanotubes Using Samples of 80g"
by  Guoqing Ning, Fei Wei, Guohua Luo, Qixiang Wang, Hao Yu, Yong Jin

We-PS8-Ap10 (P40).
"Field emission properties of the carbon nanotube coated with boron nitride"
by  Noejung Park, Jisoon Ihm

We-PS8-Ap11 (P36).
"Orientation of single-walled carbon nanotubes by uniaxial pressure"
by  N. Bendiab, R. Almairac, E. Anglaret and J.-L Sauvajol

We-PS8-Ap12 (P28).
"Functionalizing Carbon Nanotubes with Metal Containing Molecular Complexes"
by  Sarbajit Banerjee and Stanislaus S. Wong

We-PS8-Ap13 (P33).
"Carbon Nanotube Peapods as Containers for Hydrogen Storage"
by  Mina Yoon, Savas Berber, David Tomanek, and Gunn Kim

We-PS8-Ap14 (P25).
"Ion irradiation as a tool for studying and modifying properties of carbon nanotubes"
by  A. Krasheninnikov, K. Nordlund, E. Salonen and J. Keinonen

We-PS8-Ap15 (P23).
"Alkali-metal doping of multi-wall and single-wall carbon nanotubes: Fermi liquid versus Luttinger liquid"
by  M R C Hunt, M Montalti, Y Chao, S Krishnamurthy, V R Dhanak, L Siller

We-PS8-Ap16 (P20).
"Preparation ultrafine ceria particles using carbon nanotube templates"
by  Yanhui Li, Jun Ding, Cailu Xu, Ji Liang, Dehai Wu

We-PS8-Ap17 (P12).
"Sidewall Functionalization of carbon nanotubes"
by  K. S. Kim, K. K. Jeon, D. J. Bae, S. C. Lim, K. H. An, Y. H. Lee

We-PS8-Ap18 (P11).
"Laser Spinning of Nanotubes: A path to fast-rotating microdevices"
by  Petr Kral and H. R. Sadeghpour

We-PS8-Ap19 (P7).
"Carbon fibrils as additives for Portland cement"
by  A. Madrońero and J. I. Robla

We-PS8-Ap20 (P1).
"Photovoltaic effect in chiral carbon nanotubes in presence of a magnetic field"
by  O. V. Kibis

We-PS8-Ap21 (P18).
"Field Emission Mechanism of Carbon Nanotube Emitters"
by  Seong Chu Lim, Yong Soo Choi, Young Min Shin, Hee Jin Jeong, Chul Soo Jo, Dong Jae Bae, Kay Hyeok An, and Young Hee Lee

We-PS8-Ap22 (P9).
"Contacting single bundles of carbon nanotubes with alternating electric fields"
by  R. Krupke, F. Hennrich, H. B. Weber, D. Beckmann, O. Hampe, S. Malik, M. M. Kappes, H. v. Löhneysen

We-PS8-Ap23 (P2).
"Improved Compact X-Ray Sources and Application of Nanotubes"
by  A. Mozelev

We-PS8-Ap24 (P134).
"CNT decoration for electrical applications"
by  J. Glatz-Reichenbach, H. Fuhrmann, C. Emmenegger, A. Züttel

We-PS8-Ap25 (P171).
"Y-junction Carbon Nanotubes"
by  W.Z. Li, J.G. Wen, Z.F. Ren

We-PS8-Ap26 (P122).
"Light emission from multi-walled carbon nanotubes during field emission measurements"
by  Martin Sveningsson, Martin Jönsson, Raluca-Elena Morjan, Oleg Nerushev, Eleanor E. B Campbell

We-PS8-Ap27 (P127).
"Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes Through the Binding of Atoms and Molecules to a Silicon Substitutional Impurity"
by  R.J.Baierle, Solange B. Fagan, R. Mota, A.J.R. da Silva and A. Fazzio

Poster Session 9: Applications

We-PS9-Ap28 (P145).
"Nanotube Assembly using Microfabricated Tools and Electron Beam Deposition"
by  K. Molhave, R. Mateiu, D. N. Madsen, T. M. Hansen and P. Boggild

We-PS9-Ap30 (P163).
"Nanotechniques for field-emitters and particle channeling"
by  Stefano Bellucci and Sabina Botti

We-PS9-Ap31 (P168).
"Carbon nanotube-metal cluster assemblies as chemical sensors"
by  Qingzhong Zhao, Marco Buongiorno Nardelli, and J. Bernholc

We-PS9-Ap32 (P193).
"Electrochemical field-effect transistor using a single-walled carbon nanotube"
by  Sami Rosenblatt, Yuval Yaish, Ji-Yong Park, Ethan Minot, Vera Sazonova, Paul L. McEuen, Jiwoong Park, Jeff Gore

We-PS9-Ap33 (P166).
"Nanotube geometry preferable for channeling of particle beam"
by  Stefano Bellucci, Valery Biryukov and Y. Chesnokov

We-PS9-Ap34 (P188).
"Experimental study of metal-nanotube contact properties"
by  L.G. Rotkina, S.V. Rotkin, Peter M. Albrecht, Nathan Guisinger, Wei Ye, J.W. Lyding

We-PS9-Ap35 (P191).
"Electronic and field emission properties of BN/C nanotubes"
by  V. Meunier, Ch. Roland, J. Bernholc, and M. Buongiorno Nardelli

We-PS9-Ap36 (P192).
"Theory of Nanotube Devices"
by  Slava V.Rotkin, Karl Hess

We-PS9-Ap37 (P196).
"Scanning tunneling microscopy of anomalous structures on carbon nanotubes"
by  Masa Ishigami, Shaul Aloni, A. Zettl

We-PS9-Ap38 (P199).
"Carbon Nanotube Field Emitters for Electron Microscopes"
by  N. de Jonge, Y. Lamy, K. Schoots

We-PS9-Ap39 (P202).
"Novel Carbon-Carbon Nanocomposites: 2D and 3D Nanotubes Networks"
by  M. Terrones, F. Banhart,N. Grobert, J.C. Charlier, H. Terrones and P.M. Ajayan

We-PS9-Ap40 (P205).
"Coulomb blockade of suspended multiwall CNTs with a needle-like Co contact electrode: junction formed by direct lateral growth "
by  Dong-Ho Kim, Yun-Hi Lee, Yoon-Taek Jang, Byeong-Kwon Ju

We-PS9-Ap41 (P195).
"Boron Carbide Nanolumps on Carbon Nanotubes"
by  J.Y. Lao, W. Z. Li, J. G. Wen, and Z. F. Ren

We-PS9-Ap42 (P194).
"Experimental and Theoretical Study of Graphitic Polyhedral Nano- and Micro-Structures"
by  Svetlana Dimovski, Yury Gogotsi, Slava V. Rotkin

We-PS9-Ap43 (P183).
"How to characterize bulk quantities of CNTs?"
by  Vladislav A. Ryzhkov

We-PS9-Ap44 (P150).
"Conductivity change of SWNTs upon the adsorption of thiol-containing molecules"
by  W. K. Yi, C. S. Lee, T. W. Jeong, S. G. Yu, J. H. Lee, J. N. Heo, W. S. Kim,J. B. Yoo, Hyugsoo Han, Inseon Jung, Youngsoo Chung, and J. M. Kim

We-PS9-Ap45 (P161).
"Carbon Nanotube - Conducting Polymer Supercapacitors"
by  M. Hughes, M.S.P. Shaffer, G.Z. Chen, D.J. Fray, A.H. Windle

We-PS9-Ap46 (P151).
"Field emission characteristics of GaN nanowires grown by thermal chemical vapor deposition"
by  SeGi Yu, Whikun Yi, Cheol Jin Lee, Seung Chul Lyu, Taewon Jeong, Jeonghee Lee, Jungna Heo, Chang Soo Lee, Ji-Boem Yoo, Won Seok Kim, J.M. Kim

We-PS9-Ap47 (P159).
"Fabrication and characterization of 32" gated CNT cathode"
by  Chun Gyoo Lee and Jong Min Kim

We-PS9-Ap48 (P152).
"Field emission energy distribution of BN-coated carbon nanotubes"
by  Taewon Jeong, SeGi Yu, Whikun Yi, Jeonghee Lee, Jungna Heo, Chang Soo Lee, Ji-Boem Yoo, Won Seok Kim, J.M. Kim

We-PS9-Ap49 (P147).
"In-situ TEM Experiments of Aqueous Fluid Phenomena within Carbon Nanotubes"
by  A.G. Yazicioglu, O. Aytekin, C.M. Megaridis, and Y. Gogotsi

We-PS9-Ap50 (P128).
"Microwave-assisted solid-phase functionalization of Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes with poly(ethylene glycol) chains"
by  E. Menna, G. Scorrano, M. Maggini, M. Dalla Fontana, F. Della Negra, R. Bozio and M. Meneghetti

We-PS9-Ap51 (P131).
"Gate-controlled transport in networks made by in-situ grown single-walled carbon nanotubes"
by  V. Bouchiat, L. Marty, A.M. Bonnot, C. Naud, M. Chaumont, T. Fournier, S. Decossas, S. Roche

We-PS9-Ap52 (P135).
"Charge transfer in n- and p-doped single wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) and C60 peapods"
by  T. Pichler, A. Kukovecz, H. Kuzmany, H. Kataura, Y. Achiba

We-PS9-Ap53 (P138).
"Evaluating Theoretical Potential of Carbon Nanotube for Hydrogen Storage"
by  J. Li, T. Furuta, H. Goto, T. Ohashi, Y. Fujiwara, S. Yip

We-PS9-Ap54 (P136).
"Length Adjusting and Tip Sharpening of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Using Electrical Breakdown"
by  Hideki Negishi, Seiji Akita, and Yoshikazu Nakayama

We-PS9-Ap55 (P204).
"Junction properties of suspended CNTs fabricated by direct lateral growth technique: Nb-CNT-Co and Co-CNT-Co junctions with gate electrode "
by  Yun-Hi Lee, Dong-Ho Kim, Yoon-Taek Jang, Chang-Woo Lee, Chang-Hoon Choi, Byeong-Kwon Ju

We-PS9-Ap56 (P165).
"Carbon nanotube for nanoelectronics"
by  Wonbong Choi, Byoung-Ho Cheong, Jujin Kim, Jaeuk Ju, Eunju Bae, G.S Chung

We-PS9-Ap57 (P209).
"Nanotube high-frequency resonators"
by J. Hone, H. Postma, M.L. Roukes

We-PS9-Ap58 (P213). "Theoretical Model for a Nanorelay"
by S. Viefers, T. Nord, T. Johansson and J. Kinaret

Version: 29 June 2002
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